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"Dear Customers: During The Easter and The Ching Ming Festival Public Holidays in Hong Kong (2nd of April,2021 to 6th of April, 2021), our service is still operational during the holidays in Hong Kong, should you have any questions regarding our operations, please feel free to contact our Customer Hotline: 852-6348-0668(HK Headquarters). Thank you for your kind attention!"  
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Records Management
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Supply Chain Management

Oriental Logistics is a major asset-based, THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS (3PL) service provider in Hong Kong. Seamlessly providing one-stop logistics management solutions and contract logistics, tailor-made, with high performance, to todays SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT requirements.

Oriental Logistics Holdings Company Limited is composed of five prime companies: Oriental Logistics Company Limited (Oriental), Oriental Systems Company Limited (OSC), Oriental Physical Distribution Company Limited (ODL), Oriental Logistics Express Company Limited (OLE) and Oriental Records Management Company Limited (ORM).

Founded in 1997, with its headquarters in Hong Kong and having wholly owned subsidiaries and warehouse and distribution operations in BEIJING, SHANGHAI and GUANGZHOU. Oriental Logistics now reaches into more than 75 cities around the world. Oriental Logistics provides a wide range of logistics services and has expanded into a niche market business providing:


Oriental Logistics-CORPORATE NEWS

- Letter Of Appreciation For Twelve Consecutive Years By The Association Of Hong Kong Nursing Staff
- The Managing Director Of Oriental Logistics, Mr. Gilbert Lau, Was Interviewed By South China Morning Post
- Visit from Students at Oriental Logistics Centre on 17/January/2014
- The Managing Director Of Oriental Logistics, Mr. Gilbert Lau, Was Invited By Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (IE) of The University of Hong Kong to Deliver A Speech On “4PL Management”
- Dr. Paul Gandel and Syracuse University Group Visit Oriental Logistics
- The Managing Director of Oriental Logistics, Mr. Gilbert Lau Wai-kwong has been awarded Chinese Outstanding Innovative Entrepreneurs
- How to Improve B2C Project’s operations with Pick-To-Light System
- Deputy General Manager Of Oriental Logistics, Mr. Danny Sung, Delivered A Talk To The Vocational Hong Kong Polytechnic University
- Quality Management Mechanism-Warehouse Patrol
- Oriental Logistics Has Hosted A Jazz Night
- Oriental Logistics Centre Renovation Completion Ceremony
- "AudioQuest", team of professional studio cable experts visits Oriental Logistics
- Renovation Work of Oriental Logistics Centre - Phase 2: Repair of External Wall
- Oriental Logistics Centre Is Selected By RTHK For Their Television Program Shooting
- Renovation Work of Oriental Logistics Centre - Phase 1: Scaffolding
- New Face of Oriental Logistics Centre
- Oriental Logistics Scholarship 2010 And Letter Of Appreciation By The City University Of Hong Kong
- Oriental Supports "Walk For Millions" And Certificate Of Merit By The Community Chest
- Oriental Logistics provides Professional Supply Chain Management Services for the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau
- SHE & 5S practise - Fire Drill of 2009
- Letter Of Appreciation By Association Of Hong Kong Nursing Staff - Year 2009
- Hong Kong World Vision “Famine 30”
- IVE Student Awards Reception 2009
- Oriental Logistics Scholarship 2008/2009 presented at the City University of Hong Kong
- Oriental Supports New Territories Walk And Letter Of Appreciation By The Community Chest
- The "Unicef Charity Run" 2008 At Hong Kong Disneyland's Park
- Fire Drill of 2008
- Letter Of Appreciation By Association Of Hong Kong Nursing Staff

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- Wine Cellar & Logistics
- Records Management
- Chemical Logistics
- Logistics system design
- Inventory Management
- Integrated IT solutions
- Physical Distribution

Oriental Logistics-SERVICES


Freight Forwarding

Cross Border Transportation

Value-added Services

e-Commerce Fulfillment

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Oriental Logistics-SERVICE NETWORK
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Oriental Logistics-AWARDS

- ISO 9001:2015
- Chinese Outstanding Innovative Entrepreneurs
- 5 Years Plus Caring Company 2006-12
- ISO 9001:2008
- Caring Company 2004/05
- Caring Company 2003/04
- Caring Company 2002/03
- Outstanding Enterprises in IE 2002 Award

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